Chief Sparrow, Giovanna Lever


Giovanna Lever has over 19 years experience working as an integrated marketer in tourism, hospitality, entertainment, sport and small business. Previously to founding Sparrowly Group, she has worked in Global Marketing Manager and General Manager roles with Tourism Australia and Vanity Group and developed high profile strategies for companies including InterContinental Hotels Group and the Australian Rugby Union. Her big picture thinking combined with her communications, marketing, business development and project management skills unite to form a practical, positive and efficient approach to building better businesses.

In fact, business is in her blood! She grew up inside a family-run enterprise in agri-business and has even run her own successful small business, GivandTake Catering Company. As result, she has a hands-on understanding of business at every level.

This means that mentorship is a vitally important to her. She knows that people are at the heart of any sustainable business. She is committed to developing the workforce of the future through strong leadership and development programs and reflective mentorship. Her skills in this area have been utilised by Virgin Australia, Reserve Bank of Australia and Hamilton Island, as well as small to medium sized businesses that need support to thrive.

Giovanna is a regular guest lecturer  at University of Technology, Sydney and the University of Queensland as well as a speaker at leadership, business, tourism and lifestyle industry events.

When she grows up, Giovanna plans to split her time between Australia and Italy.

Smart Sparrow - Jennifer Richards

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Jennifer Richards is an experienced copywriter with a Masters in Sustainability from the University of Sydney. She has ten years experience as a voice and communications consultant developing programs to help professionals in a variety of contexts to improve their presentation and oral communication skills.

She is a passionate advocate for food and agri-tourism as a way to sustainably transform the food system. She has pursued this idea with the agri-tourism organisation Harvest Trails and Markets, at the Institute for Sustainable Futures and is a regular contributor to ABC Radio Sydney on the topic.

As well as providing sustainability and social impact advice for Sparrowly’s projects, Jennifer is able to understand the essence of the businesses, brands and destinations to write content and copy that inspires and sells.

Jennifer dreams of cooking her way across every continent on the planet.

Smart Sparrow - Emma Costin

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Emma Costin holds a Bachelor of Management in Tourism from UTS. She provides thorough research, support and coordination across all Sparrowly Groups projects. Always purposeful and curious in her approach, Emma is dedicated to developing creative solutions for all clients. She is particularly passionate about providing our clients with practical solutions which deliver both commercial success and benefit to the community.

She has a specific interest in eco and nature-based tourism, Australia’s natural landscape and seeing regions thrive.

Emma spends her free time hunting through national parks for the world's most amazing vistas.