Tash tobias
general Manager inflight experience, virgin australia

It was great to work with Giovanna on our new program, Amplify, which inspired about 40 leaders from the Inflight Experience team. The content was tailored to our needs, the facilitation flexible enough to make the most of the opportunities that presented themselves, yet structured enough to meet the program objectives. The team is already asking when we’re doing it again. Thanks so much, Giovanna!

Elisa jakymin
Manager Investment attraction, Tourism Australia

Giovanna is a mentoring superstar and extremely invested in the career paths and aspirations of those around her. She is a big picture thinker who helps connect the dots and goes above and beyond when it comes to creating introductions and connections. There needs to be more people like Giovanna around in the workplace - it's refreshing to come across someone who is so supportive of the growth and development of others.


roman deguchi
gardens project coordinator, inner west neighbour aid

Our deepest gratitude to Sparrowly Group for the work they have done in developing a Getting to Market Plan our exciting new project 5 Senses Garden - an interactive sensory garden opening in February 2019. The work Sparrowly Group has done along with the mentorship for myself and my team has helped us greatly as a guide to creating a space that not only provides an incredible experience but has long term sustainable business sense behind it. It was absolutely fantastic working with the team.

Cradle Coast Authority logo

Chelsea bell
regional tourism officer, Cradle coast authority

Sparrowly Group were a breath of fresh air to work with on the Regional Events Strategy. The team anticipated our needs and went above and beyond what was in the scope for project delivery. No challenge or opportunity was too big or small. Sparrowly Group’s professionalism, expertise, insights and stakeholder relationship skills were exemplary. I hope to have the opportunity to work with them again in the future.

brendan forwood
leadership & Organisational development specialist, Virgin Australia

Giovanna’s passion for developing authentic leadership by mixing story telling with pragmatic tools and resources made for a wonderful experience in our In Flight Experience leadership team. Leading up to the event Giovanna listened to our needs, developed session plans that was just what we needed, and facilitated a high class panel discussion and workshop. 

Participants left feeling energized and equipped with new tools to use on the job straight away. 

It was a pleasure to work with Giovanna on what was a highly successful and valued leadership development experience.


Leo jago
Chief Economist for tourism and General manager, tourism research australia

Whilst Sparrowly Group has strong marketing skills, it is their ability to harness the skills of others that sets them apart. They are able to encourage rivals to work together for the common good, which is no mean feat in a highly competitive and fragmented environment.


Giovanna Lever is a highly motivated young professional who makes things happen. She has that great mix of knowledge and judgment combined with boundless enthusiasm for the tasks she takes on. I worked with Giovanna during the building of a great era at Tourism Australia and have her seen grow and blossom back in the commercial world since her departure.

Nicole Crowley
PR and Partnerships Marketing Manager, InterContinental Sydney

I yelled at work one day; from frustration, I said: "Where is my PR god to look up to?" Next thing I knew, I was introduced to Giovanna and having coffee that same week. I had no idea what I was walking into, but that's Giovanna. She is the "solution" recommended by the best. For me, having Giovanna at a critical point in my career, where I had not only hit plateau but wasn't sure where to head next, Giovanna was the fresh air (okay, the hard push) I needed to get back on track. She has the ability to lift you up, not hold back, and hack into your insecurities to get the best from you. 


Tiina hogg
owner, SALTuARY

After 5 years in business we felt that it was the right time to bring Sparrowly Group in to work with our business to help us review where we were at, where the opportunities were and map out a path for continued growth going forward. Sparrowly Group helped us to understand that looking at business performance was just as much about the customers and our staff as it was the commercial performance. This holistic approach enabled us to step out of the business and get very clear on where we could improve and grow without compromising our values.

Carly osman-holme
general manager, The Conscience Organisation

In a very challenging year, Giovanna has been an invaluable resource. Her mentoring style is highly approachable, but structured in a way that gets right to the heart of the challenge at hand. I left each session inspired and with a clear path of action. I could not recommend Giovanna enough.

alana stocks
managing DIRECTOR, circul8

I met Giovanna recently and we worked together on an exciting strategy project.

Her knowledge and contacts in the Australian Tourism Industry were invaluable and her infectious energy is delightful.

We produced excellent results and I'm looking forward to working together again soon.


I have worked with Giovanna on a number of projects within the hotel and business industries. To me, she is perhaps the most efficient and professional mentor/networker I have met, as well as having lightning speed comprehension of your business’s needs.

‘I trust her, which is disposition I don’t give lightly. If I could describe her character in one word, it would be ‘embracing’, as this covers her genuine heart for your success and her empowering business acumen on the dreams you want to build. 


Giovanna has been a breath of fresh air for our business. Giovanna entered our business, a professional services Technology Company, and very quickly was able to dissect from us in terms of what our needs were and define a roadmap to move the business forward in what we tried to do in the previous six months and several thousands of dollars later with other marketing agencies.  Giovanna is a no nonsense person. She is straight to the point, she knows what questions to ask to get the best out her clients and she knows how to nurture and mentor for growth – with plenty of laughs along the way.  She even gives us homework because as she says – success is collaborative and we need to bring our smarts together to see true growth. Not only is Giovanna helping us with our growth strategy, she also mentors our marketing team – a skill we lack, but one that she is a natural at.


Giovanna is a can-do, dynamic businesswoman who understands the power of connecting people and causes.  She is an asset to Starlight Children’s Foundation and was instrumental in ensuring the success of our premier annual fundraising event, connecting Starlight Children’s Foundation to world-class entertainment and sponsorship opportunities. Giovanna also gives generously of her time and expertise. We are currently working together on a number of strategic fundraising initiatives and we are so happy to have her by our side.


Someone-or-other famous once said ‘People influence people.’ Well, to give a specific example, ‘Giovanna Lever influences people.’ Giovanna has the natural ability to make you turn that influence upon yourself and to give you a forum to connect. This is turn creates energy; energy to direct and prioritise your own influence. Not many have the ability to genuinely do this, but Giovanna and the Sparrowly community have this in spades.  Sparrowly influences us to grow our business in a manner we are proud of.


Mark Follett
UDEC - Utilities Design Engineering Construction

Giovanna is an energetic human with great ability to see through the ‘noise’ of work and business and get to the core issues that may be holding you back in business and in life. My business has grown significantly in the past year which is in part due to Giovanna’s personal coaching.


Koula Kutu
Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Working with Giovanna was like working with the fairy godmother of Marketing and Business Development! Giovanna recruited me for the Sales & Marketing position at Walkerscott. A new role in a new country, Giovanna took me under her wing for 6 months with her expert of the marketing business, her amazing energy, ideas and insight helped me craft my skills to settle into my role at Walkerscott. 

The mentorship and encouragement have given me the confidence to become a leader in my field and create opportunities for the company. Her support and coaching is the best in the field! Because it’s more than just the traditional business mentoring. Giovanna helps you to challenge yourself to achieve a better work/life balance. Her perseverance, integrity and people-loving nature are just a few of your qualities that continue to inspire me.

Thank you for being a great mentor!


cr cassandra coleman
lithgow city council

In our recent local government election campaign, Giovanna played an integral role helping my team and I gain a seat on council with her effective communications and media relations program. Giovanna helped the team effectively and succinctly communicate our platform, ideas for the future and feedback from our constituents.

Keith McCraw
Chairman, The Juniors Group

The Kingsford area is undergoing great development changes with the Sydney Light Rail extension. Giovanna has led a project over last six months in developing a three stage communication advocacy strategy to ensure The Juniors and its members have a positive experience during construction and post. Her approach was collaborative and commercially minded whilst keeping our members and community focused which is key to the success of our business. 

Harry Lancaster
owner, Egg of the Universe

There is a natural friction between the creation of good business ideas and the cold hard facts of operational reality. Many businesses struggle or fail in not addressing this simply by not concentrating their efforts in the right areas. Working with Giovanna has helped us to focus our strategies and align our priorities so we can more gracefully achieve our business vision and personal dreams. 


Giovanna and I had some mentoring sessions to help explore and scope out marketing for my business. It was fantastic to sit down with an honest, open and friendly expert who could help me weigh up options. Giovanna encouraged me to do things that felt a bit of reach, but having her support meant they were much more achievable and rewarding.
Giovanna also runs a fantastic networking group, Sparrows United with such a great philosophy for no nonsense connecting with lovely people. It was great to run a workshop with the group earlier in the year and Giovanna was so generous with her time and input in to setting up and promoting it. 
Thank you Giovanna for all your support, inspiration and business help!