Small Business Mentoring

Mentoring is transformational

It goes beyond the acquisition of new skills or knowledge. It goes deeper into the relationship between the professional and personal.

A big believer and user of mentoring over her professional career, Giovanna has spent many years honing this skill and helping many mentees in their long-term development, personally and professionally.

As a professional mentor, Giovanna works with her mentees to build long term, long lasting programs to build upon and fine tunes skills, but also helps build self-confidence, awareness and management of behaviour whilst creating and nurturing long term productive relationships.

Giovanna has successfully worked with an array of mentees from small business owners transitioning in the growth phase, individual professionals at various stages of their career, mothers returning to the work force and senior executives transitioning out of the workforce and into their retirement.


elisa jakymin
manager, investment attraction, Tourism Australia

Giovanna is a mentoring superstar and extremely invested in the career paths and aspirations of those around her. She is a big picture thinker who helps connect the dots and goes above and beyond when it comes to creating introductions and connections. There needs to be more people like Giovanna around in the workplace - it's refreshing to come across someone who is so supportive of the growth and development of others.


carly osman-holme
general manager, the conscience organisation

In a very challenging year, Giv has been an invaluable resource. Her mentoring style is highly approachable, but structured in a way that gets right to the heart of the challenge at hand. I left each session inspired and with a clear path of action. I could not recommend Giovanna enough.