People first approach

People are at the core of every business, every industry and is the centre of our ethos at Sparrowly Group. A successful business is only successful because of the people making it happen and the customers they are delivering to.

We work in partnership with organisations to review their structure; harness and develop existing talent to assist with retention; craft leadership pathways; and ultimately succession planning to future proof organisations.

We work with organisations to build engagement frameworks to ensure that their people feel connected and understand how their role plays a key part in the overall organisation’s success.

Underpinning our work is our goal to create a better workforce for the future. Our skill development programs are tailored to suit each individual business’ needs ensuring their teams boast the skills to deliver on their organisation goals. From financial literacy; commerciality; business operations; sales and marketing development, our team are equipped to share knowledge and provide teams with the practical skills to continue to deliver in their roles and beyond.

Some of the strongest leaders of our time have long since credited their success to the support network they have surrounded themselves with. Giovanna Lever as a professional mentor, provided structured mentoring to assist individuals with their professional and personal growth; improve their self confidence and enable them to go after their dreams with vision and a clear set of goals.

Our mentoring and learning and leadership programs have included:

  • Developed and delivered talent attraction programs to support regional centres and their economies.

  • An independent research study to identify career pathway gaps and opportunities for young people throughout Australia.

  • Designed and delivered tailored leadership development training solutions across the airline, banking and SME sectors.

  • One on one skill gap identification and development/coaching.

  • Development of a career pathways program for high school students.