Sparrows are humble and resourceful

Bring the flock together and they harness their smarts, they collaborate and soar high. They form a strong flock.

Sparrowly believes that everyone has smarts; that everyone has something of value to offer. Giovanna is well known across industries as having that knack to bring out the best in companies and the people within.  This, she has brought to the Sparrowly collective of The Sparrowly Group and Sparrows United.

Her approach is one of people first, to understand their smarts and leverage off the smarts and work collaboratively to be more efficient, effective, profitable and above all memorable.

From this place of inclusiveness, humility and respect, our values are forged.

  • Legacy: Sparrowly is all about making the world – on a micro and macro scale - a better place. Chief Sparrow Giovanna says, “It is our intention to leave our clients and connections in a better place than when we found them, with the tools to continue improving.”
  • Diversity: Sparrowly welcomes all cultures, ages, genders and levels of experience. Giovanna believes that for a society to really flourish and to create a stronger, happier workforce, diversity needs to consider all these factors and not push one agenda over another.
  • Integrity: Regardless of the setting, social or business, all sparrows conduct themselves with the utmost integrity. Chief Sparrow Giovanna says, “When I meet new clients, I’m interviewing them as much as they're interviewing me. I will say no to work if it’s not right for either party. It’s about matching their needs with our skills.”
  • Connections: We all need our circle but we also need to stay open to learning, meeting new people and gaining a broader perspective. Sparrowly exists to facilitate and nurture connection to a greater circle of knowledge.