Leaders are made…not born and there is not one type of leader.

The impact of leadership development cannot be underestimated. Leaders develop when they put themselves in new situations, humbly seek feedback, learn, and practice. 

The way in which people learn and develop is individual – Giovanna and her team are experts in creating bespoke leadership development programs to suit the learning style and needs of your people.

Sparrowly Group works closely with key stakeholders to identify needs and issues, taking into consideration environmental factors outside the workplace. They are big believers that to truly thrive, their needs to be a holistic consideration to both work and life.

Their focus is not to overwhelm, but to empower, leaving your people with practical  tools to prosper.


tash tobias
General manager inflight experience, virgin Australia

It was great to work with Giovanna on our new program, Amplify, which inspired about 40 leaders from the Inflight Experience team. The content was tailored to our needs, the facilitation flexible enough to make the most of the opportunities that presented themselves, yet structured enough to meet the program objectives. The team is already asking when we’re doing it again. Thanks so much, Giovanna!