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July 2018-
The Advocate

Regional approach the way forward


July 2018-

Small Business Survivial Tips


April 2018-
Cynthia Harris: Heart Recruitment

Interview series: Recruiting top markting and communication talent


February 2018-
Team Women Australia

You got this girlfriend!


January 2018-
Business Business Business

'WHY' has always been in us...

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December 2017-
Leadership Program Essentials

Interview with Giovanna Lever [PDF]

"There's no one size fits all. You need to get a good grip on what the issues are. Everyone can give you feedback and it's good to build engagement from the outset to get people's buy in."


November 2017-
Triple M

The flow on effect of the NSW governments leglisation for holiday homes such as Airbnb and Stayz


September 2017-
Triple M

Escaping the city for regional living

Mums with bright ideas podcast

August 2017-
Mums with Bright Ideas by Melissa Pye

Episode #8 Giovanna Lever


May 2017 - 
Triple M

On the Power of People


April 2017 -
Inside Small Business

The best investment you can make is in yourself


April 2017 - 
Business Business Business

Work Hard. But Not at the Expense of the Tax Man




February 2017 -

Take your people to a better place

Many of us spend years just climbing to get to the top dog position because with that top dog position means more money, esteem and is looked upon as a sense of achievement. But all of these motivators to get to such leadership position are nothing more than….well….selfish and in turn will only provide us with short terms satisfaction and gain.


February 2017 -
The Path to Successful Leadership

by Giovanna Lever [PDF]

"I think we are somewhat in flux in the professional world. There are some great leaders, but on the most part, leaders are pretty average. They have spent the time honing their technical skills and put into a leadership role without the right skills to lead..."


February 2017 -
Triple M

The share economy in the tourism and travel industry


February 2017  -
Spice Magazine Leaders' Forum:

Interview with Giovanna Lever [PDF]

"Plenty of leaders wind up in their positions because of their hard technical skills but have never learnt about the intricacies of what it means to be a leader."


January 2017 -
Lightbulb Lounge: Giovanna Lever

Entrepreneurial Women to Watch in 2017


July 2016 -
Interview with Holly G - Tourism Upgrade

When you need to find a marketing manager and broader business issues. [link]