"Give yourself freely and life will find you and open a much wider door for you"

Sparrows United is a global networking group connecting smart, savvy individuals across a broad range of industries and experience (who may never ordinarily meet). It was created after years of seeing how people and their opportunities flourished after we nudged two people towards a connection. Sparrows United allows individuals to share, exchange and support one another as they grow professionally – either in their own business or their career development.

We have members from around the world all doing amazing things. Share, exchange and ask questions – the group is ready to open their doors to you and we invite you to join here. We also hold regular events whereby you can meet and network with other smart individuals in a casual social environment. It’s all about sharing and learning - no business card shove or air kisses allowed!

Giovanna believes strong in giving freely and making time to meet new people and as such offers free and dedicated sparrow time to members of Sparrows United.

If you are interested in hosting a Sparrows United event in your city, please email us. Join the group here.