You are never too important

I’ve been in two minds as to whether I should write this post to share my constant frustration and sheer annoyance over the constant sales approaches I receive about “growing my business” from the very people who I have been introduced to in the past but when followed up, they haven’t bothered to reply or just worse still, have just tried to sell to me.

But last week,  received an Inmail on LinkedIn from one of these people and IT….JUST….MADE...MY….BLOOD….BOIL!

Yesterday, when presenting to a group of stakeholders, I wrapped up the meeting with these words, “...and anytime you need anything, please call myself direct or my team...because we always pick up the phone…” Interestingly I received quite a bit of commentary after the meeting in regards to how refreshing this was to hear.

To me this is normal, and there are lots of said “influencers” talking about connectivity and showing up on purpose and being kind to self and others and I am calling BULLSHIT on these people and the businesses they are creating on people’s vulnerability when they themselves won’t connect personally with you or anyone unless there is a $$ figure attached it.

We have lost the art of sharing and giving without anticipation of gaining in return.

I don’t care if you are the Queen of England or someone starting out in your career or new business, if you are brave enough, if someone has recommended that we would be a good fit to meet (with no strings attached), then I will always make the time.

All I ask is when it is your turn, when you have reached your goals, that you don’t forget that support and PAY IT FORWARD to someone else.

Oh and you will never see me do any crazy social media posts with an over excited voice saying how excited I am over something that I really don’t care about.