Japan- The Darling of the East

2016 saw a record number of 24 million inbound tourist to Japan (Japan National Tourism Organisation (JNTO) inbound statistics). So there is no surprise that Japan is fast becoming the darling of the East.

With tourist numbers going up by 130% since 2010, which includes more than 445,200 Australians tourists, Japan is becoming an increasingly popular destination to travel to. Alana Stocks, Managing Director of Circul8 a digital company based in Sydney an agency for JNTO, outlines that the growth of Japan can be linked to Australians changing perception of the nation. Travelbloggers including Japan Travel Mate and Green Turquoise Travel Blog say the growing interest in Japanese culture, food, landscapes and safety are big factors for their travels to the land of the rising sun. The iconic cherry blossoms and the beautiful Mt Fuji only add more to the extraordinary landscapes this country has to offer.

Japan is one of the safest countries on the planet which as a result attracts a lot of independent and solo travellers. Last year alone more than 1/3 of Australians travelled solo to Japan.

With Japan’s beautiful landscapes and culture it is no surprise that the nation is attracting more than just the Australian market. Tourism Statistics Japan stated that in 2016, the Chinese market was the top inbound country into Japan with 6.37 million. Closely followed by South Korea (5 million), Taiwan (4.2 million) and Hong Kong (1.8 million).   

With tourism being a major economic driver for many countries including Australia and Italy for example, this continual growth of tourism in Japan is having a significant economic impact on the country. With the planning of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games well underway, this will only add to the tourism boom for the country with major events being a key driver for tourism. Stocks outlined that the Japan tourism government is investing a lot of money into building tourism for the games to fuel the growth of the industry.

“By 2020 the government hopes to attain more than 40 million tourists,” said Alana.

Alana also states that “JNTO is working successfully towards meeting these goals through strong partnerships with airlines and continual campaigns and promotions.”

“JNTO recently launched their ‘Unseen Japan’ showcasing the best unknown destinations of the country.”

“The campaign is targeting the younger, adventurous travellers through using Instagram as the social channel to reach its audience,” she said.

With this campaign and airlines such as ANA, Jetstar, Qantas and Japan Airlines flying direct to Japan from Australia daily, the accessibility for Australian’s to travel to Japan has never been better.

Next stop, Japan. Time to get packing!

About the author:
Emma Costin is a third year business student studying at UTS and valued intern with Sparrowly Group. She is passionate about the tourism industry through her constant interest in travel and cultures. She majors in Tourism and has a desire to market destinations globally. Check out her LinkedIn profile here.