The Generation gap and customer relevance.

Today I sit in my mobile office - a great little cafe in Sydney's inner west and as I sit here I can't help but absorb the conversations around me. One young lady near me is talking to a customer following what seems a successful segment on daytime TV of her new 'walkout' work out videos. All seems to be going swimmingly well with the enquiry then comes the clincher at closing the sale. The customer is an older lady and is not comfortable purchasing over the internet.  The lack of flexibility from this bright young in providing her with other options meant that the SALE WAS LOST. The saddest part of this was I don't think this bright young 'walkout' queen had any idea that she had lost the sale.

Which leads me to the age old question of - who is your target market? And more importantly, what are there consumer and lifestyle habits? If a business owner does not have a clear idea of these two questions, then no matter how great a product or service is, attracting your target market is half the battle, ensuring you understand their consumer behaviour to then convert is the complete picture.

What do you think the 'walkout' queen could have done to not only close the sale, but build an advocate for life and no doubt a circle of new customers from this advocacy?